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Welcome to the The Dot Com Academy Review and Insider Details!

Do you want to know what is going on withing the Dot Com Academy world? Is this really a great program?

There is a good buzz about the Dot Com Academy and people want to know more about it. So I am sharing here few good videos on the Dot Com Academy insider details:

Watch the Insider Details of one of the Dot Com Academy Methods in the below Video:

Watch the below video to see the income proof from the Dot Com Academy:

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Thanks for watching the above videos,

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Welcome to Powerful Video Marketing Tips!

Do you want to learn how to make your videos better and powerful?

Do you want more traffic to your website through video marketing?

Watch the video below to learn more about the video marketing goldmine tips:

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I did an interesting video on how to add keywords to your blog and this is part of the current ethical Auto Blogging Challenge which I am participating as a contestant.

Find out here how can you add more keywords to your blog!

Review of Commission Payload

If you don’t know about the Commission Payload marketing course, then here is a quick explanation for you. Commission Payload is the best cost per action (CPA) marketing course of 2009. This course is built on the practical knowledge gained by Alex Goad and Saj P.

Commission Payload Bonus Offer

Those who know Saj, they know that he relies very heavily on the free internet traffic for his promotions besides the paid traffic. And he has been mastering this technique for some time. Finally he is sharing all of those free internet traffic tips with us.

For those who are not familiar with the CPA Marketing and Commission Payload Marketing course, I am sharing here with you the video presentations:

What is CPA Marketing?

If there is problem in loading this video, then you can watch CPA Marketing video here!

What is Commission Payload?

If there is problem in loading this video, then you can watch CPA Marketing video here!

Commission Payload course

I have been talking in the beginning about the Commission Payload bonus and here is the information of what is being offered when you buy Commission Payload through our affiliate link:

Commission Payload Bonus#1

Commission Payload Bonus 1

Commission Payload Bonus#2

Commission Payload Bonus 2

Commission Payload Bonus # 3

Commission Payload Bonus 3

Commission Payload Bonus # 4

Commission Payload Bonus 4

Commission Payload Bonus # 5

Commission Payload Bonus 5

Summary of Commission Payload Bonus Offer:

Commission Payload Bonus Offer Summary

At the end I also want to share with you the Commission Payload Video review so that you can decide if this is the right marketing course for you!

Commission Payload Review

In case you have problem in loading the above video, you can watch the Commission Payload review here!

If you want to know more about what type of free internet traffic tips are provided in the Commission Payload course, then here is the brief on the same:

Free Internet Traffic Using Twitter

Free Internet Traffic using Twitter

Free Internet Traffic Using Facebook

Free Internet Traffic using Facebook

Free Internet Traffic using Social Marketing

Free Internet Traffic using Social Marketing

I would highly encourage every one to explore more about the CPA marketing opportunity as this is still a ground floor opportunity but it will have more competition pretty soon.

When you purchase Commission Payload, this is what you get:

Commission Payload Marketing Course Content

Are you serious about earning money through CPA marketing? Then the Commission Payload is the right offer for you!

Wishing you all the success,

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I could not respond to any questions in August month and same for September month. It is now the end of Sept’09 and I feel that rather than your questions, today I am going to make up by sharing some really funny videos.

  1. Girlfriend Prank Fake Head In Bed video clip
  2. All The Single Babies video clip
  3. Pool Playing Dog video clip
  4. Dog Working Out video clip

Enjoy the above videos!

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Since I received many questions on various google sites, I decided to present here google directory for your reference:

  1. Blogger
  2. Gmail
  3. Google Accounts
  4. Google Add Your URL
  5. Google Adsense
  6. Google Adwords
  7. Google Alerts
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Google Apps
  10. Google Base
  11. Google Blog Search
  12. Google Book Search
  13. Google Calendar
  14. Google Catalogs
  15. Google Checkout
  16. Google Desktop
  17. Google Directory
  18. Google Docs
  19. Google Earth
  20. Google Finance
  21. Google Groups
  22. Google Hot Trends
  23. Google Image Search
  24. Google Maps
  25. Google News
  26. Google Product Search
  27. Google Talk
  28. Google Toolbar
  29. Google Trends
  30. Google Video
  31. Google Video Blog
  32. Google Webmaster Tools
  33. Official Google Blog
  34. Orkut
  35. Picasa
  36. YouTube

You will notice that there are so many google blogs and sites available that it is difficult to put all of those here. I have tried my best to present as many as I knew. I suggest you to bookmark this page for your day to day reference.

Jay Author

This is one of the most interesting question I received today from James of London, UK. He mentioned that there is a news published in the UK newspaper and it is a very significant news. Let’s check out together about this news.

UFO X-files News

LONDON (Reuters) – A cluster of UFO sightings over Britain in 1996 may have had more to do with public fascination with TV shows like the “X Files” than extraterrestrial activity, according to files released by the National Archives on Monday.



Are there Aliens?

Documents from Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) indicated there were 609 UFO sightings in 1996, compared with 117 in 1995. This coincided with the rise in popularity of the X Files and the release of the alien blockbuster film “Independence Day.”

More from other blogs

ThereĀ is a interesting video which you can watch to learn more about the UFO:

Is this for real? I don’t know. Am I a skeptic? The main question from James was that is it really possible? I think it is possible as I am sure there might be more earth like planets in other galaxies and the fact is that we don’t know much about many other galaxies.

Any way rather than answering to James question, I just wanted to share about this latest news as this is an interesting story.

Jay Author