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This is one of the most interesting question I received today from James of London, UK. He mentioned that there is a news published in the UK newspaper and it is a very significant news. Let’s check out together about this news.

UFO X-files News

LONDON (Reuters) – A cluster of UFO sightings over Britain in 1996 may have had more to do with public fascination with TV shows like the “X Files” than extraterrestrial activity, according to files released by the National Archives on Monday.



Are there Aliens?

Documents from Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) indicated there were 609 UFO sightings in 1996, compared with 117 in 1995. This coincided with the rise in popularity of the X Files and the release of the alien blockbuster film “Independence Day.”

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There is a interesting video which you can watch to learn more about the UFO:

Is this for real? I don’t know. Am I a skeptic? The main question from James was that is it really possible? I think it is possible as I am sure there might be more earth like planets in other galaxies and the fact is that we don’t know much about many other galaxies.

Any way rather than answering to James question, I just wanted to share about this latest news as this is an interesting story.

Jay Author



Swine Flu: It’s impact on the Market

James of Texas asked this question and wanted to know if he should hold the stocks or sell off to minimize his losses if the market is impacted further due to Swine Flu situation. First of all thank you James for this question and like every one else, I am watching the situation closely if this can be avoided as a pandemic. Unfortunately I don’t have the crystall ball but I want to share my perspective with you.

The most important impact of swine flu is when people die. When more and more people are impacted due to this, there will be less number of people traveling. If this is going to be mild epidemic, then the impact will be limited but if it spreads to larger area, then the impact could be very significant.

If the outbreak does get worse, economists point to a range of possible effects including schools and public transportation systems closing; restrictions on travel and trade; severe strains on healthcare systems; and a drop in shopping.  If the current swine flu epidemic ends up infecting millions of people, then global GDP could be adversely affected at a time when the global economy is already in its worst recession in decades.

If I recall the impact of the SARS in 2003, it had impacted Asian countries but the impact was temporary due to overall economic boom. This time the overal situation is different due to economic recession and the impact on the economy is already huge due to job losses.

There are many reputed newspapers presenting detailed analysis on this and I am sharing some of these links here for your reference:

As in any crisis, there will be some companies benefitting from this situation. So some of the pharmaceutical companies will benefit from this crisis a lot. But some of the stocks in the airlines sector, food sector, travel industry, mexican stocks, amusement parks, and many other similar sectors should be on your watch-out list now.

Hope the above helps you in understanding the impact of the swine flu on the market,

Jay Author


ABC of Twitter and Twitter-related Tool Collection

I got this question from Wayne of Montana, US asking what is Twitter and what are the Twitter tools? Wayne this is a very timely question as there is so much of excitement now a days about the twitter that every one wants to know about this.

First of all let me address the first part of the question i.e. What is a twitter?

Literal meaning of the twitter is high-pitched chirping sound but the explains their site meaning ‘ Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates (otherwise known as tweets) which are text-based ‘. The fundamental basis of twitter site is that you can share your activities with your friends and followers by telling them about ‘what are you doing’.

Now for more technical folks the definition is :

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you answer the question, “What are you doing?” by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called “tweets”, to your friends, or “followers.”

Due to huge success of twitter, there are many twitter tools available in the market now. Some of these tools along with their description is presented here for your reading:

  • Peeckr – New search engine for twitter focused on links.
  • Twaitter – The twitter message scheduling platform.
  • TwitterBerry – A mobile client for posting updates to twitter
  • TwitterCounter – Detailed stats on your twitter account.
  • Twitbacks – Custom twitter background image creator.
  • TwitterGroups – You can share links and allow others to peeps and join your group.
  • TwitterGadget – Designed to eliminate the need to install third-party applications to monitor and submit status updates to Twitter via your iGoogle homepage.
  • Twollo – Enabling you to automatically follow the conversation which is important to you.
  • TwitPic – Lets you share photos on twitter.
  • TwitterCritic – Film reviews by twitter users.
  • TwitScoop – Allows you to be on top of what is hot in twitter right now.
  • Twellow – This tool collects, analyzes, and categorizes tweets, creating niche-specific categories that you can search to find Twitter users with similar interests.
  • TweetLater – Schedule future-dated tweets, auto-follow and send automated notes to new followers.
  • TwitResponse – Twitter + Autoresponder. Setup unlimited messages to be delivered to your twitter page when you want.
  • Twitter Digest – Twitter Digest lets you read Twitter updates in a more manageable fashion. Just pick the usernames you’d like to generate a digest for, and you will see all updates made by them during the past full day, available as both a webpage or as an Atom.
  • TweetBeep – Be the first to know who’s twittering about you, your products, your company, or your website. gives you twitter alerts by email when a tweet matches your search.
  • TwitPress – Twitpress is a wordpress plugin which submits a user definable tweet to your twitter account notifying any twitter followers or friends that a new blog entry has been published on your blog.
  • LoudWitter – LoudTwitter posts to your blog your daily tweets.
  • TwitDir – Twitter users directory.
  • TwitterTools for WordPress – Pull your tweets into your WordPress blog and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.
  • TwitAddict – a professional tool to publish twits. This is my personal favorite.


You can also read about twitter developments on some of the other blogs:

You can also watch some of the interesting video on twitter:

Enjoy the above resources on twitting and feel free to share your comments with me.

Jay Author

Updated on 06-Apr-09: I recently experimented with twitter plugin for the wordpress and it’s good. You can now bring twitter to your blog.