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Since I received many questions on various google sites, I decided to present here google directory for your reference:

  1. Blogger
  2. Gmail
  3. Google Accounts
  4. Google Add Your URL
  5. Google Adsense
  6. Google Adwords
  7. Google Alerts
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Google Apps
  10. Google Base
  11. Google Blog Search
  12. Google Book Search
  13. Google Calendar
  14. Google Catalogs
  15. Google Checkout
  16. Google Desktop
  17. Google Directory
  18. Google Docs
  19. Google Earth
  20. Google Finance
  21. Google Groups
  22. Google Hot Trends
  23. Google Image Search
  24. Google Maps
  25. Google News
  26. Google Product Search
  27. Google Talk
  28. Google Toolbar
  29. Google Trends
  30. Google Video
  31. Google Video Blog
  32. Google Webmaster Tools
  33. Official Google Blog
  34. Orkut
  35. Picasa
  36. YouTube

You will notice that there are so many google blogs and sites available that it is difficult to put all of those here. I have tried my best to present as many as I knew. I suggest you to bookmark this page for your day to day reference.

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This is one of the most interesting question I received today from James of London, UK. He mentioned that there is a news published in the UK newspaper and it is a very significant news. Let’s check out together about this news.

UFO X-files News

LONDON (Reuters) – A cluster of UFO sightings over Britain in 1996 may have had more to do with public fascination with TV shows like the “X Files” than extraterrestrial activity, according to files released by the National Archives on Monday.



Are there Aliens?

Documents from Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) indicated there were 609 UFO sightings in 1996, compared with 117 in 1995. This coincided with the rise in popularity of the X Files and the release of the alien blockbuster film “Independence Day.”

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There is a interesting video which you can watch to learn more about the UFO:

Is this for real? I don’t know. Am I a skeptic? The main question from James was that is it really possible? I think it is possible as I am sure there might be more earth like planets in other galaxies and the fact is that we don’t know much about many other galaxies.

Any way rather than answering to James question, I just wanted to share about this latest news as this is an interesting story.

Jay Author

This is an interesting question from Molly of BC, Canada and I had to do research to find out more about the google directories.

If you are new to google directories, you can go and make yourself familiar now. A majority of the users use google directory the same way as they do the regular google search page i.e. by searching the directory than browsing it. To make your experience for the google directories better, I suggest the following steps:

  1. Go to google directory page ( and not to the normal google home page.
  2. Enter your keyword into the search box at the top of the page.
  3. Click the google search button.
  4. Google displays the search results page just like a standard web search result page. But each result listing also features a link to the category in which it is included.
  5. Click on the category link to view all the pages listed in that category.
  6. If you stumble across a big category, it may be difficult to find exactly the page you want. Guess what, google allows you to search for pages within a category.

So if you are doing your research project, then google directory is a useful alternative to searching the massive google web page index. I believe that google directory results are more focused and of higher quality than what you find in the normal google web page search results.


Get the Facebook Tool Resources here!

When I wrote about the twitter application and it’s tools, I got the request from Jim of US and Raj of India to write about the Facebook tool resources too.

Instead of talking about the Facebook and why should you use the Facebook for the marketing purpose, I recommend you to read the following blog post:

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Get all the URL Shortening Resources Here!

This is a very interesting question I got from Roger of Indiana, US. I think there are many others who might be looking for this information especially the affiliate marketers. So rather than providing just few options, I am going to provide you plenty of choices for the URL Shortening service.

  • Beam.To – Create customized URLs of your long URLs. You can add passwords to your URLs as well.
  • – I do use this for the twitter service and I find this very easy to use and you can get the stats also.
  • BudURL – BudURL is easy to use! Just paste in a large, unruly web address in the box above and click the “Shrink It!” button. You’ll get a unique BudURL™ that you can use anywhere you’d like such as social networks, instant messages, emails, ad campaigns, electronic newsletters, etc.
  • CanURL – is a service that turns long URL’s into easy to share links. This is a free service and this company use advertisements for revenue.
  • – C-O.IN is a cost free and Ad free URL redirection service (also known as URL forwarding) allowing anyone with a website to register a free subdomain and redirect it to their real URL!
  • Decent URL – You can convert any ugly long URL into a friendly title URL here.
  • DigBig – You can shorten any web address or URL into a short one here.
  • DoIop – Some web addresses (URL) are very long and complicated. doiop creates for you a short URL with a keyword you choose, making it easy to remember or give away. This link will not break in emails and never expire.
  • – Use this 100% free tool to shorten any valid url. just enter it in the field above and click ‘shorten,’ you’ll be rewarded with shorter url.
  • DwarfURL – You can shrink your ugly URL into a friendly one here. You can even enter in a password and see the statistics (how many clicks and where from) for your dwarfURL.
  • Easy URL – Take those messy, way too long to remember, complicated URLs (or web addresses) and shorten them to something someone could easily remember (or type in). Simply paste in that long URL into the Long URL field box and click on shorten URL and you’re done!
  • – Paste your URL which you want to shorten, choose an identifier name and remember the name is case sensitive and then shorten your URL.
  • – This service is available only for the facebook URLs to be shortened here.
  • – This provides a free redirect to your site.
  • – Convert your long annoying URL into a short URL.
  • HotRedirect – Most webmasters have their webpages hosted on free webhosts. These are great but they usually give you a long and hard-to-remember URL such as Now with HotRedirect you can have your own cool, easy-to-remember subdomain for free, yes, FREE! This subdomain will redirect your visitors to your actual website. This way your visitors will easily remember your web address and are more likely to return to your site.
  • – Compress the long URLs here. You can also use the firefox plugin available for this application here.
  • – You need to sign up here before using their link redirect service. But sign up is free.
  • MemURL – A very simple user interface to shorten your long URLs into a short one.
  • – Cut down your long & hard to remember URLs to small, unique, anonymous & easy to remember ones. All links remain active and valid forever!
  • – This site offers free domains in the form of or They offer two types redirection modes: direct redirection and cloaked redirection where the target/true URL is hidden. All new accounts start as normal accounts with cloaked redirection with a small warning/ad frame at the top of the page.
  • NotLong – Notlong allows you to create a personalized subdomain on the short URL you want to create. You can also view the statistics of your URL views.
  • RubyURL – Add RubyURL to your favorite browser by dragging the bookmarklet (the link in the red area) to the bookmark toolbar of your browser and create RubyURLs on the fly!
  • TinyURL – A URL Shortening Service that offers a browser bookmark button that will provide a TinyURL of the page you are on. TinyURL also provides a Preview feature for your browser that will allow you to preview where a TinyURL will go to, before you click on that link.
  • WebAlias – This is a domain forwarding service to convert your long ULRs into shorten URLs with subdomains of your choice.

My favorite ones are tinyURL, budURL, and rubyURL. But I suggest you to explore the above services and see what fits to your preferences.

As you explore the above resources, please do share your experiences here,

Jay Author


ABC of Twitter and Twitter-related Tool Collection

I got this question from Wayne of Montana, US asking what is Twitter and what are the Twitter tools? Wayne this is a very timely question as there is so much of excitement now a days about the twitter that every one wants to know about this.

First of all let me address the first part of the question i.e. What is a twitter?

Literal meaning of the twitter is high-pitched chirping sound but the explains their site meaning ‘ Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates (otherwise known as tweets) which are text-based ‘. The fundamental basis of twitter site is that you can share your activities with your friends and followers by telling them about ‘what are you doing’.

Now for more technical folks the definition is :

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you answer the question, “What are you doing?” by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called “tweets”, to your friends, or “followers.”

Due to huge success of twitter, there are many twitter tools available in the market now. Some of these tools along with their description is presented here for your reading:

  • Peeckr – New search engine for twitter focused on links.
  • Twaitter – The twitter message scheduling platform.
  • TwitterBerry – A mobile client for posting updates to twitter
  • TwitterCounter – Detailed stats on your twitter account.
  • Twitbacks – Custom twitter background image creator.
  • TwitterGroups – You can share links and allow others to peeps and join your group.
  • TwitterGadget – Designed to eliminate the need to install third-party applications to monitor and submit status updates to Twitter via your iGoogle homepage.
  • Twollo – Enabling you to automatically follow the conversation which is important to you.
  • TwitPic – Lets you share photos on twitter.
  • TwitterCritic – Film reviews by twitter users.
  • TwitScoop – Allows you to be on top of what is hot in twitter right now.
  • Twellow – This tool collects, analyzes, and categorizes tweets, creating niche-specific categories that you can search to find Twitter users with similar interests.
  • TweetLater – Schedule future-dated tweets, auto-follow and send automated notes to new followers.
  • TwitResponse – Twitter + Autoresponder. Setup unlimited messages to be delivered to your twitter page when you want.
  • Twitter Digest – Twitter Digest lets you read Twitter updates in a more manageable fashion. Just pick the usernames you’d like to generate a digest for, and you will see all updates made by them during the past full day, available as both a webpage or as an Atom.
  • TweetBeep – Be the first to know who’s twittering about you, your products, your company, or your website. gives you twitter alerts by email when a tweet matches your search.
  • TwitPress – Twitpress is a wordpress plugin which submits a user definable tweet to your twitter account notifying any twitter followers or friends that a new blog entry has been published on your blog.
  • LoudWitter – LoudTwitter posts to your blog your daily tweets.
  • TwitDir – Twitter users directory.
  • TwitterTools for WordPress – Pull your tweets into your WordPress blog and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.
  • TwitAddict – a professional tool to publish twits. This is my personal favorite.


You can also read about twitter developments on some of the other blogs:

You can also watch some of the interesting video on twitter:

Enjoy the above resources on twitting and feel free to share your comments with me.

Jay Author

Updated on 06-Apr-09: I recently experimented with twitter plugin for the wordpress and it’s good. You can now bring twitter to your blog.

This is the second question I got last week from June of Phenix and she asks “What is Google Earth?”.

First of all, thank you June for asking this question as recently Google has upgraded Google Earth and it is much more powerful now than the earlier version.

Here is the wikipedia definition of Google Earth first:

Google Earth is a Virtual globe, Map and Geographic Information program that was originally called Earth Viewer, and was created by Keyhole, Inc, a company acquired by Google in 2004. It maps the Earth by the Superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, Aerial photography and Geographic information system Computer graphics globe. It is available under three different licenses: Google Earth, a free version with limited functionality; Google Earth Plus (discontinued), which included additional features; and Google Earth Pro ($400 per year), which is intended for commercial use.”

The recent version is in the beta 5.0 stage which means there could be some bugs and the users are encouraged to share these issues with google so that google can fix these issues and can upgrade the beta version to a stable version. In this beta version, there are so many upgrades that I am listing only some of these for your quick reference:

  • You can check how your neighborhood is changing over the time.
  • You can keep an eye on the global warming effect.
  • You can also check how the arctic ice shelf is depleting.
  • This is great, you can dive into sea or ocean and can explore the under water world. Pretty neat!
  • You can track the earth online and you can create your own movie. My son is going to love this!
  • You can watch majority of the well known historic monuments sitting at home now.

If you are excited like me, then here is the official tour of this product. Watch the movie here to learn more about the Google Earth 5.0.

There is another related product called as Google SketchUp where you can create, modify and share 3D Models of any structure or place. You can use this to create the dream children’s play park layout.

If you are excited about the possibilities of Google Earth, you can download it here.

Download Google Earth Now!

Enjoy the Google Earth and see the world through your computer,

Jay Author