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Better Budget Management for Students, Part 3

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Well I have already covered two main areas i.e. housing and car buying cost reduction tips. Today I am going to share with you another important area i.e. how to optimize on grocery purchase. So here is the third tip my dad shared with me.

Tip#3:  Save on Grocery & Food Bills

Do you go to restaurant daily? Well you can save money by buying pre-cooked or packaged food from your local grocery store and prepare in the microwave during your lunch break. You can also find out some good places in your town where you can get home-cooked meals which normally are more healthy and good for your stomach. When you go to restaurant, you not only buy food but extra items too which adds up your expenses.

If you have habit of picking coffee daily from your favorite shop, try preparing coffee at home. You will save at least $3 every day. You must be saying it’s just $3. Imagine if you follow this routine, you will save $90 every month which becomes $1,080 per annum. Small steps lead to big savings!

You can also buy ‘no-name’ products in place of branded ones. You should also use saving coupons whenever you can. You should also look for special promotions when you can save more money.

There are some internet saving coupons websites available where you can print the saving coupons before you go for your shopping.


You can get more about this topic at Use Coupons for Grocery Shopping.

Hope these tips will help you in managing your budget,

Jay Author


Use Coupons to Save Money – Free Samples!

I got this question from Peter of Washington, US. Peter, first of all thanks for asking such an important question as many others keep asking for if they should look at the saving coupons seriously or not!

This is really a difficult time and difficult time requires extra ordinary actions on our part to survive. In the past I never used to think about using free samples but I have changed my attitude towards these offers now. In any case most of the marketing companies need test customers where they can supply their products and test the market. So why not take advantage of this to our benefit.

So I was looking for some good offer and it seems that I found one good offer for all of us.

  • CoolSavings is the Internet’s leading FREE coupon/money-saving-offer website, offering real FREE Grocery Coupons, Store Coupons, Online Coupons and mountains of other freebies! It’s highly accepted, with millions of registered shoppers.

So why not we use this offer to save money on our grocery shopping. Here is the coupon for you:

I have also found a GREAT resource on saving coupons and that blog post is presented here:

Over the time I have realized that every single penny counts and we all should look for ways and means to save money every day!

Wishing you saving every day,

Jay Author