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Since I received many questions on various google sites, I decided to present here google directory for your reference:

  1. Blogger
  2. Gmail
  3. Google Accounts
  4. Google Add Your URL
  5. Google Adsense
  6. Google Adwords
  7. Google Alerts
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Google Apps
  10. Google Base
  11. Google Blog Search
  12. Google Book Search
  13. Google Calendar
  14. Google Catalogs
  15. Google Checkout
  16. Google Desktop
  17. Google Directory
  18. Google Docs
  19. Google Earth
  20. Google Finance
  21. Google Groups
  22. Google Hot Trends
  23. Google Image Search
  24. Google Maps
  25. Google News
  26. Google Product Search
  27. Google Talk
  28. Google Toolbar
  29. Google Trends
  30. Google Video
  31. Google Video Blog
  32. Google Webmaster Tools
  33. Official Google Blog
  34. Orkut
  35. Picasa
  36. YouTube

You will notice that there are so many google blogs and sites available that it is difficult to put all of those here. I have tried my best to present as many as I knew. I suggest you to bookmark this page for your day to day reference.

Jay Author


If you are looking for any specific information on any blog, you can use the always friendly google search box but there is a bettter way to search blogosphere using google blog search.  Why google blog search was needed? Google’s traditional method of crawling the Web for updated information can take few weeks to update and this is too slow for indexing the blog content. The solution to this problem came in the form of site feeds. Google hit upon the idea of using these RSS feeds to seed its blog search index. By aggregating RSS feeds into its index, Google Blog Search is constantly updated with new blog content.

How to List Your Blog with Google Blog Search?

If you have a blog and you want it to be included in the Google Blog Search, you don’t have to submit your blog to Google for indexing. All you have to do is make sure you’ve enabled a site feed for your blog. You can choose either an RSS or Atom feed.

Two Ways to Search Using Google Blog Search

There are actually two ways to use google blog search.

The first one is – you can go the main google blog search page i.e. and then you can enter your query into the search box and click the Search Blogs button.

The second one is – you can use the Blogger Search page i.e. if you like the Blogger interface.

When you enter your blog search query, Google searches its index of RSS feeds and returns a page of blogs and blog postings that best match your query.

How to Fine-tune Blog Search Query?

Entering a Google Search query is very similar to entering a standard Google Web Search query. In order to fine tune your search query, you can use the operators like following:

inblogtitle:keyword  –  Limits the search to words contained in the blog’s title

inposttitle:keyword  –  Limits the search to words contained in the titles of individual blog postings

keyword:inpostauthor:name  –  Limits the search to postings by a specific poster

keyword  –  Limits the search to a particular blog, as defined by the blog URL

If you don’t like using search box operators, you can achieve the same results by using the Google Blog Search advanced search page.

Hope you benefit from this blog post,

Wishing you all the fun with the Google Blog Search,

Jay Author